A Short History of Reddit Cringe Anarchy (Reddit Reviews)

Published on 28 Sep 2019 / In Video Vault

Reddit has a group called Cringe Anarchy on its site that is well known as a bastion for right wing memes and news. The group defies most political labels, so I would not call it "republican" or "conservative" in any way. Its just, vaguely right wing. Heck! The more accurate statement is that its anti-left.

The sub began back in late 2014, and was a rising force on Reddit's political stage until its quarantine during September 2018. Reddit claims the content of the group is hateful and must be hidden from most users. This video is my invitation to you, to see for yourself. Don't let the content censors decide what you can see. Check out Cringe Anarchy on your own!

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