Aftermath! New Zealand Shooting Attack Mosques

Liviu Nichiforiuc
Published on 15 Apr 2019 / In News & Politics

Aftermath! New Zealand Shooting Attack Mosques in 2019 uploaded for use of free video research of who wants to do it.

NOTE: That since 2019 UK, if you live in UK, if you watch this you do it on your won risk since UK has made laws that give your 3 to 4 years jail just for watching this, although there are action movies more brutal then thin in reality.

But this video was not shared from UK and it does not apply to that law from my side.
I uploaded it ONLY for free research motives and Anonymous for who wished to research it more in detail, like the for example when he shoots at the window of the car window does not break, or when the patrons vanish or the building windows do not break by the bullets.

FULL video Download at:

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