BATTLE OVER ANTARCTICA (Stargate SG-1) HD Season 7 Episode 22 The Lost City

Published on 29 Apr 2018 / In Film & Animation

The SGC locates a Repository of Knowledge on P3X-439 and when Anubis attacks, O'Neill downloads their knowledge into his brain again. Finally, Bra'tac warns SG-1 that Anubis plans an attack on Earth. Hammond is replaced by Dr. Elizabeth Weir. As Anubis' fleet arrives, SG-1 flies to Proclarush Taonas, a planet with an Ancient outpost and a ZPM. There, SG-1 learns that what they are searching for has been back on Earth the whole time. O'Neill is able to destroy Anubis's fleet using an Ancient weapon buried beneath Antarctica, but the aftermath of the battle reveals a grim situation.

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