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Gawker Ranks Most Conservative TV Shows (Collab Mirror).mp4

Published on 31 Dec 2019 / In Entertainment

GAWKER is now a closed down website for liberals that many believe was the definition of "Internet Journalism". There was celebrity stalking, slander, libel, releasing people's nudes and sex tapes - and much more! Sure there was a legitimate news story or two thrown in, but those were mostly repackaged from other sites like The New York Times, which actually did the real journalism at the time. All the same, rest assured there was always a hardcore left wing bias to everything they did over at Gawker. Before it came to an end it seemed to try and give the right wing perspective a bit more, but in the end, died before anyone noticed. And of course Gawker kicked the bucket! Their opinion pieces were nonsense! In this video we look at the time that Gawker Ranked the Most Conservative Television shows.

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Video Topic: Gawker Ranks Most Conservative TV Shows
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