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PROOF Man Lived With Dinosaurs - The Human Dinosaur History Revealed

Liviu Nichiforiuc
Published on 19 Jun 2019 / In Documentaries

PROOF Man Lived With Dinosaurs - The Human Dinosaur History Revealed

THINK! If man was not living with dinosaurs, then how could ancient man depict dinosaurs on their ancient art and why???? That is proof that man and dinosaur at the same time.

Dinosaurs did not go extinct and lived with early man. Evidence that humans lived with dinosaurs is interesting and mysterious.

Angkor Wat Temple-This temple, built in Cambodia in the 12th century, was originally built as Hindu place of worship and was later transformed into a Buddhist temple. This place is the largest religious site in the world. Columns depict animals they were accustomed to seeing in their everyday life. Then we see a clear carving that looks exactly like a dinosaur. It is claimed that dinosaurs went extinct around 65 million years ago. The other is that Stegosaurs, This puts the carving in a place where they, according to modern historians, should have never seen a living Stegosaurus. They were able to carve the dinosaur in exact proportions, just as we see in our science books. The Smithsonian Institute gave many explanations of wild Boars or even a Rhinoceros. That’s absolutely ridiculous. The carving clearly has plates on its back that run the same length of the body as that of the Stegosaurus.
Asian Dragon Myths-The countless myths that have evolved from the many cultures in Asia place dragons in extremely high regard. It seems as though dragons played an integral part of their everyday life. Nearly all of the dragons portrayed in Chinese, Japanese and Korean legend are associated with water in one way or another. Chinese emperors often used them as a symbol for power and honor because they were considered benevolent creatures and thought of as a good luck charm. From myths about morals to epic battles, these stories all had the same thing in common. They depicted dragons as very large lizards. Large lizards that looked amazingly similar to dinosaurs. Without prior knowledge of the anatomy of a long extinct animal, according to paleontologists, there seems little chance that they would have guessed so perfectly.
European Dragon Myths- When looking at the accounts from the Middle Ages regarding dragons, we see a clear difference between them and their Asian counterparts. The European dragons were more aggressive and battles between them and humans were written about by many people from that time, such as Geoffrey of Monmouth. They were written about in the cultures of Italy, England, Spain, Germany, France and many others. These dragons usually lived in caves or underground, had fire-breathing abilities and even could sometimes fly. While some resembled more closely the triceratops or other large horned animals. As we take away the attributes that seem unbelievable, we are still left with a creature that is unmistakably a large reptile that is described exactly like we describe dinosaurs today. One has to think that these ancient writers’ luck could surely not have been so precise, so many times.
Ancient Egypt-With many hieroglyphs depicting many different animals and creatures the animals that were either local or known by accounts from travelers abroad. Yet in some very old Egyptian carvings, dating from around 3100 B.C., they show what appear to be long necked dinosaurs, or sauropods. King Narmer had a stela made that showed one of his many victories and on that tablet were two sauropod dinosaurs locking necks. The claim that these are a representation of a known animal is ridiculous because the animals they claim it be are shown in their correct anatomical form on some of the same tablets. Modern archaeologists even have name for this beast, they call it a serpopard, which is a part serpent and part leopard mythical beast.
The Bible- is possibly the most divisive source for evidence on historical dinosaurs. Since many people take the bible to be a fable that was concocted by people two thousand years ago. Many archaeological discoveries have been made using the bible as a guide. For example, the Hittites were once considered a biblical legend until their capital city and records were found in Turkey. The bible speaks of creatures that cannot be mistaken for any other living animal at the time. In the book of Job, God speaks of a “behemoth”, a very large animal that moved its “tail like a cedar”. Modern scholars say that this is only mentioning an elephant or a hippopotamus, but their tails are small and rope-like, hardly the example of the sturdy cedar tree that is known for its strength. This animal lived in the water and was reported to be very large and able to move like no other animal. The crocodile is often said to be the basis for this creature.
Ica Stones Of Peru-These carved stones have been found in many parts of Peru. On them are depictions of animals, people and many other things. Including dinosaurs. In the 1500’s Spanish conquistadors told stories of these stones and eventually brought some back to Spain. These carvings predate the discovery of even the first known dinosaur. The anatomically correct features that are shown on the stones is unmistakable. They are definitely carvings of dinosaurs.

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