Shut It Down (Jewish Parody of Let it Go).mp4

Published on 05 Apr 2019 / In Entertainment

Shut It Down (Jewish Parody of Let it Go)

Original Video from Kekkekington:

Oy vey! Oy Gevalt.. It's like another shoah!

My jimmies aren't alright on the mountain tonight
I'm rustled to the bones
I need a thousand shills for backup
but it looks like I'm alone

Goyim are howling with their racist Stormfront pride
Couldn't shill alone, YHWH knows I've tried

Won't let you win, won't set you free
Be the good goy that you're supposed to be
In six trillion, much doubt they sow
The goyim know

Shut it down, shut it down
can't speak your mind anymore
shut it down, shut it down
no free speech for the goy

Your rights end
Where my feelings begin
Let the stormfront rage,
We're just gonna shut it down anyways

It's funny how television
Makes real big things seem small
And I use the box to control you
Six trillion Jews did fall

It's time to cheat and lie and jew
To build up Zion and break you
No right, no wrong, no rules for me
I'm free

Shut it down, shut it down
My holy kingdom is divin

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