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South Africa..looting...rape and White Genocide

Published on 12 Sep 2019 / In News & Politics

Watch as these subhuman Negroes loot, burn, and trash their Country...nest they will starve and beg the world for food.

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Liviu Nichiforiuc
Liviu Nichiforiuc 8 days ago

Truth is "its their country, if they want to rape their woman, then their woman should cut of their dicks" its their country, and up to them. PERIOD.
The white should get out of that country. Africa is not the land for the white. Let the black be in Africa and the white in Europe and Asia. Morally not to USA as USA is actually the Native Americans land who the White has taken for granted and for ever.
However, when they die or hunger, let them die, they made it with their own hands, they should get out by their own hands. When we Europeans starved after WW1 and WW2 who the fuck helped us? NOBODY we made it for ourselves.

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