Top Ten Revolutionary Supreme Court Cases!.mp4

Published on 08 Sep 2019 / In Documentaries

Brown vs. Board of Education! Judicial Activism! Judicial restraint! New York Times vs US! Gideon v. Wainwright! Escobedo v. Illinois! Korematsu v. US! Schechter Poultry Corporation v. US! Gitlow v. New York! Muller v. Oregon! Adkins v. Children's Hospital! West Coast Hotel v. Parrish! Hammer v. DagenHart! USA vs. Darby Lumber Co! Reynolds v. US! McCulloch v. Maryland! Marbury v. Madison! SCOTUS!

This video is a remake of a video I made very early on in my channel history to summarize key court cases I wanted to remember that are very important to America as a whole. It is my opinion that each American should at least be vaguely aware of these cases and the decisions made by the Supreme Court. In this remake I've focused on better audio and more consistent visuals; it may not seem like much, but my backup channel has the original video for you to see how terrible the first draft really was... I added a bit of talk about judicial activism in this video, as I'm hoping to release another video regarding the most significant and dangerous cases of judicial activism in America. That means, not only the court giving a green light to terrible laws, but also the court attempting to establish new legal standards altogether when the case itself does not warrant such action. Especially with how fickle the courts can be - where at times they sidestep constitutional issues for the practical matters - and at other times ignore the basis of the case entirely to try and establish constitutional principles that do not exist. Boy, that video will be a blast. The issue being that it will require a lot of research and be very dry all the way through. That video is on the backburner for now, but I'm looking forward to it all the same!

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