Published on 18 Dec 2019 / In People & Blogs

Youtube needs improvement. The worse it gets the more advertisers pull out. The more they pull out, the more that youtubers use outside sponsors instead of adsense. And when youtubers can support themselves off of patreon and selling audiobooks, Youtube is cut out of the profits - meaning the site continues to flounder. The only way to stop the bleeding is to make some baseline changes that improve Youtube as a whole.

First they need to FIX RECOMMENDED VIDEOS. I understand they love shadowbanning conservatives and suppressing right wing videos, but come on! I outright click "not interested" on left wing nonsense and as a result - youtube floods my feed with EVEN MORE OF IT! Because of that, outside of my youtube channel and the occasional meme, I've cut my time spent on youtube in half! And I'm not the only one! When people get no recommendations, they'll find something on their own. When people get recommendations that are THE OPPOSITE of what they're looking for, they jump ship. Youtube, fix this.

Want to hear about how Youtube Trending is broken and one other issue Youtube has? You ought to watch the full video! Youtube keeps changing their logo every two seconds, removing annotations from videos and making other dumb decisions - yet it continues to allow these other problems to continue!!! Absolute nonsense! Fire Susan Wojcicki and put someone in charge who actually cares about the users! Thank you, goodbye!

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